The Department of Public Safety (PSD), Restitution and Victim Services (RAVS) office provides information, support, and referral assistance to crime victims and the general public. RAVS is also responsible for processing court-ordered restitution deductions from inmates while they are incarcerated. RAVS works closely with the correctional facilities to ensure that restitution is sent timely to the Crime Victim Compensation Commission (CVCC) for payment to victims.


  • Answer questions about the criminal
    justice process

  • Assist victims with inquiries related to their court-ordered restitution

  • Assist victims with registering to receive automated notifications about an offender’s custody or release status by telephone, text, or email (HI SAVIN or Vinelink)

  • Refer victims to community services and resources, including crime victim compensation

  • Advocate on behalf of victims who are being harassed by, or receiving unwanted contact from inmates

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