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Hawai'i SAVIN Questions or Concerns

Currently the Notification ID# search is inactive.


For questions about a notification you have received through VINE, you may contact:

SAVIN Coordinator Phone Number: 808-587-1356

To submit question via form: 


To check offender's custody status:

Website :

or call toll-free SAVIN Hotline: 1-877-846-3444


We are working to make the new available as soon as possible.

For information about Post-Conviction Assistance for Victims Programs, please check out the pages at the top or bottom of the page. 


Crime victims should be informed of their rights at every step in the post-conviction criminal justice process: during sentencing, while the offender is incarcerated, throughout the parole process, and when the offender reenters the community. The Post-Conviction Assistance for Victims (PAV) team combines the Department of Public Safety's post-conviction victim service programs, which include:

  • Statewide Automated Victim Information & Notification (SAVIN)

  • Restitution and Vitim Services (RAVS)

Together we provide information and services to victims of crime throughout the post-conviction process.


Our goal is to ensure that crime victims have access to information & services that can meet individualized needs throughout incarceration, parole, and reentry.

On this site you will find: 

  • Agency descriptions and contact information for the PAV Team programs

  • Resources and materials about victims' rights and the criminal justice process

  • Instructions and information about the victim notification process

  • Assistance with the collection of restitution

  • Information and referrals to community services

  • Hear Me! Podcast hosted by PCVAP Victim Advocate, Dawn Martin, which features interviews with crime victims, community members, and victim service providers throughout the State of Hawai'i

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